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Cole Marie Austin is a technology integrator and service company.


Technology Integrators

1We provide advanced network solutions and technology systems engineering services that span from hardware integration, assembly, and installation to software configuration.

Logistics & Operations

2We have a team of leaders with decades of experience leading global multi-modal logistics operations that can improve the efficiency of any supply chain.


3Our brand management, advertising, and eCommerce team can help your company achieve your sales and product performance economic goals.


4We can develop a custom online university to meet your internal or external training needs. We have certified instructional designers that can develop instructor-led and elearning materials.

Latest portfolio entries


Propulsion is our Brand Management product that helps businesses create a consistent message in the marketplace. See what Propulsion can do for your business. We use an exclusive integrated marketing strategy.

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We help organizes develop web sales channels, not just websites that look flashy. Engaging in eCommerce requires an investment on your part beyond just capital. Get the most from it and let us help you increase your sales and profitability.

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Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers and advertising specialists can develop a brand look and feel that conveys the perfect message to your customers. We can help you stand out in a crowd. Your brand is your company.

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